Henrieke Neumeyer
product design


What does your Land of Milk and Honey look and feel like today? What happens there, and who do you share it with?

The imaginary world is to be reinterpreted for today. Through a postcard study, a broader opinion is drawn in form of keywords and - or drawings, paintings and mind games, from which an associative idea of a variety of personal fantastic realities can be put together. In connection with the study, a daybed has been created to encourage a brief pause from daily life and to fill in the card.

For millennia, mankind has dreamed of a world of paradisiacal abundance, an imaginary land without worries and hardship, where enjoyment is paramount. A pipe dream that has become reality over the past 200 years?

by Marleen Bauer, Vaia Tatopoulou and Henrieke Neumeyer