Henrieke Neumeyer
product design

The usage of internal cullet

a project drawn from the idea of glassblower Peter Kuchinke

Glass is the perfect material for reuse. It can be endlessly remelted and created into something new. Therefore, we should be aware of what happens to this precious material.

In the process of blowing glass, defective pieces are a common byproduct, and cold working usually generates leftovers. This internal cullet should be recycled and reused. Unfortunately, due to the size and technical complexity of the remelting process, this is not always possible in smaller production, especially when there is a lot of broken glass of different colors.

The project attenzione creates a network of cooperation. Drawn from the idea of glassblower Peter Kuchinke the aim is to minimises waste in Småland. In this province in southern Sweden several glassworks have settled in the past and most of them still exist today. By taking advantage of the broken glass together and manufacturing new products out of it, we hope to make an important contribution to the environment. And it opens up a new perspective on glass production as well as on the product itself - an extraordinary drinking glass.

The colour of the drinking glasses refers as a relict to the artworks produced previously. Each batch has a unique color from soft light green to dark moss green, from lagoon green to midnight blue. There is no one and only colour, the product changes its appearance from time to time depending on the shades of other works. Hand in hand with the traces of craftsmanship, they are jewelleries for the table. Leftovers become something valuable again.